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Common mistakes when applying for a TRC card


Let’s take a look at some common mistakes to avoid when applying for a residence card:

  1. mistake #1: Not submitting a complete set of documents (we are talking about those written on the official website of Uzęda). You are in Poland legally only after you have been fingerprinted and stamped in your passport!
  2. mistake #2: Fail to notify Urząd of changes such as contact details (mail, phone number, address of residence) or change of employer.

3 Mistake #3: Not inquiring about the status of your case on the card. When all documents are accepted, you are given a login and password to your personal account. There, the inspector of your case writes important messages, e.g. request to deliver a document or inform you about the repeated call to Uzhond, etc. Usually, you will be informed about it additionally by text message and e-mail.  BE SURE TO RESPOND TO THESE MESSAGES! If you ignore them, your case may be closed and you will be illegal without even knowing it.

In the next post we will look at what to do after receiving a decyzii (decision) on your residence card.

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