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Employment in Poland

PROFIT4YOU LLC – specializes in employment of foreigners in Poland. The company was established in 2016 and has already employed over 25,000 foreigners of 15 nationalities, mainly Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. Our company employs workers all over Poland. In 2020, Profit4You received the state award “Employer friendly to foreigners”. We employ foreigners without professional experience and knowledge of Polish, provide accommodation, transportation and help with legalization. Due to rapidly growing demand for our services we have started recruiting employees from Asia.

How the hiring process looks like?

We do it step by step:


We provide you with different job offers, you choose which one fits best to your needs and abilities.


You fill in an online application form and provide our recruitment team with all necessary information required for legalization and hiring.


You acquire an online adaptation guide which helps you to prepare for your future work and life in Poland.


Profit4you applies for the work permit (waiting time approx. 2-3 months).


You apply for the visa and remain in contact with
Profit4you coordinator to arrange the details of your arrival.


You get visa and inform us about your arrival date. You travel to Poland, we provide transport and accommodation near the warehouse.


We offer you stable work in top international warehouses and English-speaking coordinator to
help with everyday questions.


You get on-the-job training.


You get paid monthly.


If you do well with your job, we help you with improving your skills and advancing along a career path.


Offer 100% legal work

You don’t have to worry about legality of your work and stay in Poland. We register our employees in all necessary governmental institutions and secure insurance in the national health fund.

Help with bureaucracy

We assist with visa application and help to get all the necessary documents.

Assign a coordinator speaking the language you understand

He or she helps you with adaptation and all everyday questions.

Offer accommodation and transportation (if required).

Our employees live in comfortable conditions near work place. If necessary, we bring them to work by bus.

We offer optimal amount of work hours and high salary.

We give opportunities to work 12 hours per day, 6 days a week.

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