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TRC card: Steps after receiving a decision


Earlier in our posts we have already discussed why decisión is important.
DECYZJA is a decision after a review of your residence card case. If the Decision is positive, then you have to receive the plastic card and at this stage you can relax, thinking that the card is almost with you.
The decision comes by post.
That is, you will receive a letter to the postal address you gave when submitting your contact details. Every employer will ask you for this document, so make sure you keep it.
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1️⃣ Payment. The cost of the initial production of a plastic residence card is 100 PLN. It is recommended to pay in advance, e.g. when you take fingerprints, in order to avoid additional waiting time after the positive decision is issued.
2️⃣ Waiting. When your card is ready, you will receive an SMS-notification and this status will be displayed in your personal cabinet on your visa card case.
3️⃣ Registration for Personal Receipt. For this purpose you need to register via Urzęda (Voivodeship Office) email. But it is better to check the information on the official website, how this procedure takes place in the voivodeship where you submitted your documents.

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