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Residence card with no stress


The TRC…. thousands of posts and articles have probably been written about it. But every time the same situations occur, which make getting a residence card a source of constant stress.
That’s why we’re launching a series of posts that will tell you how to avoid these mistakes and get your card without any unnecessary worries.

A residence card is the most important document that gives you the right to legally stay in Poland. In other words, it is a temporary residence card. In this post, we will consider obtaining a residence card on the basis of work in Poland.

If you have a work visa or a visa-free period, but you want to stay in Poland for a longer period, you need to start the process of applying for a residence card. We do not write “get a card” because the process of obtaining a card is actually a period of sometimes six months to two years, depending on the voivodeship that issues the card.

To speed up and facilitate this process, it is recommended to submit documents in person. In this case, your fingerprints will be taken on the day of submitting the application, and the application itself, together with the documents, will be checked by an inspector, which will save you from having to wait for a call to the Urząd.

Each call delays the whole process, so you should not neglect submitting the entire set of documents to speed up the process, reduce the time of the case consideration and reduce the amount of official correspondence. After submitting the documents, the foreigner can legally stay in Poland until the decision is made.

In the next post, we will tell you step by step what to do to apply for the card correctly.