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Steps to obtaining a TRC card in Poland


We continue our series of posts on obtaining a residence permit card! Here are the next steps that will lead you to a successful application:

1. Check and compile a list of documents. Visit the official website of the “Urząd do Spraw Cudzoziemców” to familiarize yourself with the full list of documents required for applying for a residence permit card.
2. Prepare the documents. Gather all the necessary documents on your side and request the documents from your employer that they must provide. IMPORTANT: THE EMPLOYER DOES NOT COLLECT THE DOCUMENT SET AND DOES NOT SUBMIT IT TO URZĄD. YOU DO THIS INDEPENDENTLY.
3. Submit the compiled document package to Urząd. This can be done in several ways: Send it by mail or POST and receive a yellow confirmation document that Urząd has accepted the documents; Personally deliver it to the office (if there is such an opportunity at the Urząd of the voivodeship where you are submitting the documents); Schedule a visit (on the official website of Urząd ds. Cudzoziemców) and bring it in person (in this case, your fingerprints will be taken immediately).
4. Wait for the Call (1-2 months). Ideally, at least a month later, check if the case is open by calling the information phone numbers or visiting Urząd (Urząd). Information about the call comes by mail or post, as well as SMS, so we strongly recommend NOT TO CHANGE YOUR RESIDENCE ADDRESS, PHONE, AND E-MAIL while the card is being processed. If this is for some reason a necessary measure, then you must notify Urząd of this in writing!!! Otherwise, if they cannot contact you, or you fail to submit the necessary documents, or you do not appear for the wyzwanie (call), then the case will NOT be opened.

5. Call to Urząd. When you receive information that you have been scheduled for a meeting at the Urząd, come at the appointed time with all the original documents. There, your fingerprints will be taken, and a comparison of the documents with the originals will be made. After that, the coveted red stamp will be placed in your passport, which will already be your guarantee of legal residence. Important point: A) Leaving Poland while you are on the stamp is not allowed. More precisely, you will be allowed to leave the country, but you will not be able to re-enter. So do not leave the country. Also, while on the stamp, you cannot travel to other EU countries. B) Ukrainians who crossed the border after the start of the war do not receive a stamp.

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